maandag 22 oktober 2007

FluX is...2

AbstractHelios 1 observed a magnetic cloud on the
spacecraft’s closest approach to the
Sun (0.3 AU) on March 26, 1976.
Fluxes of energetic particles
detected by the spacecraft
generally decrease during
the passage of a cloud,
but in this case the
smooth intensity
depression was
interrupted by
a sharp
with a deep drop
of the magnetic field
magnitude. This behavior
is observed for protons and
electrons in several energy bands.
A possible explanation of this event
is given by the spheroidal model of magnetic
clouds, applicable for the plasmoid geometry
IndeX Terms:
2134 ... Interplanetary Physics:
magnetic fields;
7519 SOlar Phy
sics, AstrOphy
sics,... and AstrOnOmy: Flares;
7524 SOlar Ph
ysics, AstrOph
ysics, and AstrOnOmy: Magn
etic fields.

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